• North Atlantic Engineering & Construction Company

    Construction and engineering goes beyond putting bricks together and hauling machines, the engineers at North Atlantic have been in construction long enough to know the ethics of the industry.

    North Atlantic Engineering & Construction Company
  • Lagoinvest Limited

    Our LagoInvest product line includes Real Estate Development, Construction, Rehabilitation, Assembly, Sale and Lease of Prefabricated Houses.

    Lagoinvest Limited
  • Nimcore Limited

    Nimcore Limited is a facility management company that offers world class services tailored towards the need of it cliental.

    Nimcore Limited
  • HMG Germany GmbH

    HMG Germany is a specialist in making quality healthcare services in Germany available to the rest of the world.

    HMG Germany GmbH
  • HMG Oil & Gas Limited

    We also have the capacity to undertake capital projects within the oil sector, owing to our strategic partnership with the state owned ChemChina, the leading Petrochemical Corporation in China.

    Suzlon Oil & Gas Limited

Established since 2002, HMG Group has been a leading service provider to various clients across various niche of the economy, themselves leaders in their own sectors.

As a multi sector group of companies, HMG is made up financially strong companies with enviable pedigrees in services such as, construction and engineering–including power, water and agricultural projects, transportation and haulage, equipment leasing and supply, oil and gas, real estate development, with the edge to deliver the best services to our esteemed clients.

Our strength at HMG lies in our ability to undertake a wide range of projects by virtue of our various strategic

partnerships with leading companies around the globe; representing the extent of our resourcefulness  and competence which has served us well over the years.

We also understand that the volatility of the present economy requires professionalism and experience, coupled with the ability to deliver consistent results in the face of risk; hence we have built our competence around a seasoned team of professionals, keeping in mind that only the best is good enough in today's business world.


At HMG Group, we don't cut corners, we just deliver. This is why our clients keep coming back, and why we are yet to disappoint them.

Strong Financial & Assets Base

Whenever and wherever the business may be, within or outside Nigeria, we are not limited by the usual financial constraints, because our banks are always at our beck and call to deliver prompt financial solutions for our various projects.


The backbone of any business is good relationships, and with each new client we have served in the past, we have progressed both in status and in portfolio in a manner that proves our deep commitment to lasting relationships.

Service Delivery

With our retinue of competent professionals and a highly motivated staff, our clients can always count on us to deliver the very best of service and in record time.