Empowered with cutting edge technology, our people consist of young dynamic and talented professionals who derive pleasure in providing services with a touch of ...

excellence and have a vast knowledge on the operations and related needs of all key sectors. Our strength lies in our competence, professionalism and the reliability on our personnel who are consistently engaged in a battle to be better than they are, and continually strive to keep abreast of events in their various fields and disciplines through research.

Our People

Andrew Ike Tonye Ezimora

Head of Legal

Andrew Ike Tonye Ezimora specializes in Company and Commercial Law, with a focus on Investment and Taxation, extending to Petroleum and Energy Resources Law, Infrastructure Law, and Admiralty and Aviation Law. His admission to the Law Society of England and Wales and the Nigerian Bar is a stamp of professional recognition which enables him to bring to HMG his international experience and expertise.