"With our extensive links within and outside Nigeria, and within both the public and private sector."

We are poised to deliver a wide range of services across every niche of the Nigerian economy from consultancy to capital project undertakings.
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  • North AtlanticNorth Atlantic

    Construction and engineering goes beyond putting bricks together and hauling machines, the engineers at North Atlantic have been in construction long enough to know the ethics of the industry. And with the technical depth of our team acquired over the years through research, strategic partnerships and skills development trainings, we are always looking for better methods of providing services and solutions to complicated construction and engineering problems.

    North Atlantic Engineering and Construction Company offer services that include civil engineering, architectural designs, electrical engineering, water and agricultural engineering, real estate engineering, consultancy and logistics.

  • Lago InvestLago Invest

    Our LagoInvest product line includes Real Estate Development, Construction, Rehabilitation, Assembly, Sale and Lease of Prefabricated Houses.

    LAGO HOMES is finally the solution to the housing needs of the Nigerian market, having been introduced with tremendous success in other European and Asian markets by our US Partner and parent company LAGO INVEST FLORIDA LLC.

    LAGOINVEST NIGERIA LTD undertakes amongst other things, resorts development, warehouse constructions, construction of exhibition and event centers, real estate homes and property development.

    From economy to luxury, LAGO HOMES caters to a broad swath of communities and economic demography, and our products are all prefabricated –sturdy steel structures.

  • Nimcore LimitedCEL Engineers

    Nimcore Limited is a facility management company that offers world class services tailored towards the need of it cliental.

    The flexibility of the company has evolved in order to cater for different requirements of clients from all sorts of fields, whether property development companies, hospitals, offices, private residence, estates etc. Nimcore will offer a very competitive maintenance service and make sure its clients never run low on supplies.

    Nimcore continues to manage all properties of HMG Group and its cliental.

  • HMG GermanyCEL Engineers

    HMG Germany is a specialist in making quality healthcare services in Germany available to the rest of the world. - Our strength lies in our experience developed throughout years of serving patients in Germany.

    Together with our partners, we combine state of the art health care alongside leisure activities, which enables you keep your health- and your loved one's health at its best within holiday atmosphere.

    We cooperate with a network of strategically chosen service providers to offer a wide spectrum of medical services within a holiday atmosphere. Our medical services include:
    - Medical treatment
    - Medical holiday packages
    - Beauty and Aesthetics
    - Second opinion on your health
    - Pharmaceutical supplies

  • HMG Group Oil and GasHMG Group Oil and Gas

    We source, explore, refine, store, market, export and supply petroleum, chemical and gas products.

    We also have the capacity to undertake capital projects within the oil sector, owing to our strategic partnership with the state owned ChemChina, the leading Petrochemical Corporation in China, based in Beijing, with assets and revenue totaling $12 billion as at 2009 as well as controlling interests in various quoted companies on the Shenzhen and Shanghai stock exchanges.

  • HMG Nigeria LimitedHMG Nigeria Limited


    Rural and Urban Electrification, Fabrication, Assembly, Installation of Electrical Components, Substation Design, Construction and Rehabilitation.

    These are all in response to the demands for effective solutions to the power and energy problems in Nigeria. HMG Nigeria Limited was specifically incorporated to provide top class services for all types of players, public or private, within the power and energy sector. It has since positioned itself as a frontline service provider in the areas of Generation, Transmission, and Distribution through the combined efforts of our indigenous engineers and strategic partnerships with our international partners.

  • Electrical Engineering

    We design, supply, construct and install all kinds of electrical engineering works from the Electricity Generating Plants down to consumer meters.

    Taking advantage of the numerous opportunities that abound in the Nigerian Power sector, HMG Nigeria Limited specializes in design, supply, construction and installation of electricity distribution lines, high voltage transmission lines, substation design and construction,Electrical and mechanical systems, energy conservation and the supply of steel structures for high voltage transmission line systems. Presently, the services we provide in the power sector can be categorized amongst: Electrical Engineering Electrical and Mechanical Systems Steel Structure Fabrication Civil Engineering